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Introduction magazine Mishpagazette

On April 10, 1861, Salomon Spanjaard and Sara van Gelder celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with their children and all their 50 grandchildren in Borne. At the suggestion of Salomon Cahn from Remagen in Germany, near Bodendorf, where Salomon Spanjaard was born, it was decided to establish 'Berith Salom' (Salomon's Covenant).

The aim was to guarantee daughters of the Spaniards a chance at a good marriage by giving them a scholarship. Initially, only descendants who lived according to Jewish rules were allowed to participate in Berith Salom, but that changed 30 years ago. Now the sole purpose is to strengthen the friendship within our family and to promote the Jewish character of the family ties. Berith Salom is one of the oldest family clubs in the Netherlands. In 1962 the first issue of a Berith Salom newspaper appeared. Donald de Marcas or Theo van Raalte gave it the name 'Mishpagazette' (mishpoge = family) in December 1962.